Gentlemens' Meeting at Swinley Forest 1 November 2013


the clubhouse



Swinley Forest Golf Club is a club with many traditions and I believe that RSGS’s Annual Gentlemen’s meeting is part of that. When checking the weather forecast on Thursday evening I made sure that my waterproofs were packed. This year we were fourteen players that showed up for the traditional bacon roll and coffee before teeing off at 08.15. The challenging course with undulated greens, that were actually quite slow, lay ahead of us and we almost made it without any rain. The last group playing for the Berntsson Cup was unfortunate and got a shower on the 18th hole.

The traditional English lunch served at the restaurant was as always delicious, generous and as good as ever. The coffee was, strangely enough, served in the bar. We were all (at least I) anxious for the prize ceremony.

The President, Paul Williams, opened the ceremony by asking all players to join in a moment of silence for Barbro and Geoffrey Cutting.

There were three players competing for the Berntsson Cup which is the minimum in order to declare a winner. Claes Andreasson last year’s champion defended the trophy. Closest to pin was the 10th hole, a 190 yards par three. When I came to the green my ball was just next to the sign and it was impossible to decide who was closest. Fortunately, in the last group Claes hit a great shot and won. To hit a 290 yards Drive in the middle of the fairway is not easy, but that was what Mathias Österdahl did. The scratch price, 75 gross, was won by Richard Österdahl. 64 (Ulf Brodd) is normally a winning score in the Prince Bertil Cup but not this year. I was playing one of my best rounds ever and had a round of 63.

Finally, I would like to thank all the organisers for the very well organised and enjoyable Gentlemen’s meeting at Swinley Forest 2013.

See you all next year

Leif Hansson

Larsmon Tankard mixed Greensome match v Hadley Wood 13 October 2013

On the 13th October eight pairs from RSGS played a mixed Greensome match against Hadley Wood Golf Club.

During the latest couple of visits to this wonderful park land course we have been lucky with the October weather – but not this time! With rain pouring down heavily the whole morning it was decided that the match should be shortened and be played over 11 holes only. As our host Rod Armstrong said

“The Swedish Vikings have come here to play so let’s do that regardless of the tough conditions”

This was the eighth time we played against Hadley Wood. First 1969-72 and then after the delay 2009-2011 though the trophy was only introduced in 1971. (2012 we took a break due to our busy Centenary year).

Our record speaks for itself. After a draw 6-6 in 1969 we have lost all the matches including this one. Like in recent years we were not even close

2 1/2 – 5 ½. So much for the Viking spirit!

Our two wins came from Christina & Alexander Lega and Christina Andersson & Steven (borrowed from Hadley !!!!!). Anita & Kaj Mortensen managed a draw.

As consolation – as usual – we were shown great hospitality with coffee/tea and sandwiches upon arrival and drinks and a nice late lunch after play.

Will we ever win this one? Let’s try next year again!


Your Captain


Cutting Prize at The Drift Golf Club on 7 October 2013


On Monday October the 7th we Ladies played for the Cutting Prize at The Drift Golf Club. Unfortunately it is always a struggle to get enough ladies to play in this competition, but after a lot of hard work from our Hon. Secretary Christina, there were nine of us showing up.

It was a glorious sunny day and it felt more like Summer than Autumn. We played in three 3-balls and the average scoring was quite good. The course was in decent condition and the food was nice. The best part of it though was the camaraderie between all these lovely ladies.

The cup was won by me with 40p. A score I have not had for many years, so this was a nice surprise.. Christina Andersson came second with 33p and Eva-Karin Brodd came third with 31p. Eva-Karin also won nearest the pin.

Thanks to all of you who made this day and hope to see many more of our playing ladies taking part next Autumn. 

Helene Oberg


Autumn Meeting at Bowood Golf & Country Club 28-29 September 2013


Bowood Golf Course was showing its best side and Lise Williams brought delicious apples for us all. What more to ask for?

Some found the greens tricky and I think all got to practise their skills in bunker shots more than once.

The hotel was only 3 years old and housed a SPA, where we relaxed before the dinner. Thank you Christina for organising it.

The first day became a family matter, see photo. It is nice when it pays off after all expensive golf lessons!

Thank’s  to everyone who contributed to a nice golf event.

Lis & Ulf Brasen



Londonpokalen and The Queen Trophy played for at Goteborgs Golf Klubb on 25 August 2013


The Union Jack greeted us welcome. A team of 6 persons from RSGS enjoyed a perfect summer day with light winds. The view from especially the 7th hole is breathtaking.


The greens were tremendously fast and undulated. A bogey competition over 36 holes for men and 18 for ladies is certainly a challenge. The Ladies’ competition was won by Lotta Löfberg, RSGS. Congratulations and very well done! The donator of the Trophy, Staffan Widenfelt, acted as the starter. The men’s contribution was more modest.


In all a very enjoyable day!


Lis and Ulf Brasen


Summer Meeting at Effingham Golf Club 7 June 2013



Weather excellent! Golf Course in fantastic condition! Well balanced flights! Nice arrangement! Plenty of Snaps songs and lots of fun! Altogether this made my day! Many thanks to all who contributed! A special congratulation to Kristoffer who also had a successful day at the Golf Course.

The very best Summer wishes

Lis Brasen




Spring Meeting Aldeburgh/Thorpeness April 2013


“The Hardy Nucleus” of RSGS was low in numbers but high in spirits at this year’s Spring Meeting. Only 14 golfers were able to attend at the Thorpeness and Aldeburgh golf courses during the last weekend of April. Normally the weather plays a major role in the outcome of our excursions to this part of the world but to our relief, it was relatively benign with what for some (=our President!) was just a gentle breeze off the sea. Some long hitters, like Douglas Nurse, who hits the ball higher and longer than anyone else, might disagree as his ball was spinning off course on more than a few occasions. The sun’s appearance was modest the first day but blessed us all greatly with its presence on Sunday at Aldeburgh.

Our Captain, Ulf Brodd, had returned especially from his holiday in Portugal to oversee the competitions and make sure that they ran in accordance with his usual high standards. To encourage the speed of play he had ruled that the max. allowable time gap between one ball and the following out on the course would be 16 minutes with a 2 shot penalty for all players in a ball that lost more than 16 minutes to the preceding ball.  Even in a society with players of as varying standards as we have, this would seem a generous enough margin and the worst reaction would, as expected, be when the rule was initially applied. One 3 ball was thus penalised at Thorpeness which inevitably caused some upset as the rule strikes innocent and guilty individuals with equal force. The result was, however, that play on the following day at Aldeburgh proceeded at quite an acceptable speed.

Overnight stay was arranged at what was for us a new venue, the Satis House Hotel, some 20 minutes drive from both courses. After pre-dinner drinks in our own bar and  dinner in a separately laid out dining room, the noise level was soon up to decibel values which 15 people have rarely been known to achieve. Paul Williams, our President, was in his usual great form and entertained us in his witty way whilst also arranging the “President’s Swindle” for the following day’s competition. Another end-of-dinner competition was to guess the total number of balls lost during the day’s play at Thorpeness – how many balls can 14 players loose during one round? Well, today the answer was 39 – so much for the President’s gentle breeze!

After a night’s restless sleep, more than one person was heard muttering at breakfast that there would be no need for wine to be drunk in their household for some time to come.

However, with sunny weather and playing on a lovely course like Aldeburgh, all bodily aches were soon forgotten by all but one;  Cathy Mons had taken some fatal footsteps earlier in the week and damaged her back badly enough that after 9 holes she had to abandon play – we hope she recovers quickly. Whilst the Thorpeness course is interesting to play, the Aldeburgh course holds a very special place in all RSGS members’ heart and it did not disappoint this time either.

After a sumptuous carvery lunch in the club’s dining room, Vice-Captain Cecilia Block officiated elegantly and handed out the prizes for what had been another very well organised Spring Meeting and we all set off home full of plans on how to prepare for the next RSGS meeting and hoping that the number of participants would increase considerably.  

Nils Rutlin

Princess Birgitta Trophy Burhill Golf Club Mach 2013

What can we do about the weather? Several players wished to switch on the sun and turn off the heavenly water tap. However we bravely battled it out over 9 holes. Some players with good water-proofs and a water proof swing actually played another 9 holes, as if they were not wet and cold enough. No questions that we are Vikings. All the greens had surface water and sometimes the ball stopped half way to the hole. Thanks to my playing partners we kept a good spirit, which certainly helped to get a reasonable score.

If you hadn’t been drowned on the course you could have further watering in the bar before the AGM. This event was efficiently and masterfully handled by the outgoing President, Pax Andersson. The incoming and most welcome new President, Paul Williams, handed over an engraved decanter as a token of appreciation from all the members. Pax nicely filled it up with port for general consumption. Ulla Hising left the committee after 7 years of hard work and was gracefully thanked with an orchid. The Committee got full marks for the handling of the successful Centenary Year. The auditor’s agreed to stay on another year if the Helene Öberg continued as Honorary Treasurer and of course everyone welcomed the news that Christina stayed on as Honorary Secretary.

The soup was a good start of the dinner after the cold day. The food was excellent and the wine was generously served. Ending the day the Captain, Ulf Brodd, handed out the prices from last year’s cups. We noted that Pax was given a new nickname “Frostbite” having lost the final in President’s Cup to Jan Persson, suntanned after his training camp in South Europe.

So we have started the next 100 years!

The bad news is that the winner of the completion has to prepare a writ-up.

Ulf Brasen


(for more photos from the Princess Birgitta Trophy and AGM 2013, please go to Gallery)

Synnove Brasen Memorial Cup Final played

Charlotta Lyckeus and I played the first leg of our final in October on a nice sunny day. In very cold and frosty conditions we played the second round in December. As we are both members of Roehampton, it was all played there. It was very amicable and I was fortunate to be up after the first round and could continue my good golf in the second leg to become the lucky winner.

This is a lovely competition and a very good way of meeting up, playing nice courses and finishing off with a good chat.

Gunilla Huldt

Secretary's Cup Final played

The Final of Secretary's Cup was played today, Sunday 9th December. Nils Rutlin and Folmer Amtoft were 3 up after the first 18 holes and thoroughly thrashed their opponents Kalle Kenton and Pax Andersson in the second 18 and won the "match" convincingly with 9/8!

Great play throughout the competition by messieurs Rutlin and Amtoft paved the way for this victory. A first for Folmer in Secretary's Cup and a first in a decade for Nils. Great achievements.

Tough weekend for Pax Andersson. Lost the Presidents Cup on the Saturday with 7/5 and the Secretary's Cup on the Sunday with 9/8. Will he ever recover?

Many congratulations to the winners!! Nils and Folmer.

President's Cup decided

The final of President's Cup 2012 has been played between Jan Persson and Pax Andersson. 36 holes with first 18 at Hampton Court GC and second 18 at Castle Royle GC. It was never a real contest. Mr Persson had made the clever move to first go to the Canaries for a fourtnight sharpening his game. It paid off. Big time. After 2 up at his home course he simply put in another gear at the away course and pocketed a very comfortable 7/5 victory. Just outside the "dog-licence". Congratulations to great play.  

Gentlemens' Meeting at Swinley Forest


Swinley Forest Golf Club is a place I hope to come back to again, and again and again, and I have already put the next meeting in my 2013 diary! This classical Heathland course, designed by Harry S Colt, is not a long course but is indeed challenging the way the greens been strategically positioned and shaped with challenging undulations.   It is also fascinating that the club does not have a website, no road signs showing the direction to the club, except for a small well camouflaged green sign hidden away in the bushes 100 yards away from the gated entrance. Also there are no obligatory handicaps and members choose what they play off. It is not easy to get a tee time, but as members of the RSGS we are very privileged to be able to play the course once a year.


Having checked the weather forecast throughout the week before the meeting, I was expecting Scottish weather with horizontal rain, but to our big surprise we had a very comfortable and sunny day out there! As the three Österdahl brothers were not attending this year, I am sure that many of us had hopes of perhaps winning a little prize.


The bacon baps served in the club house before tee off were as usual very nice and tasty, and gave us lots of energy to cope with the sometimes stressful situations out on the undulated greens. I was in great company with Douglas Nurse, a 4th generation Barbados citizen, and we both experienced many crazy situations out on the greens this day. After an adventurous and rather quick round we were both very happy to finish in style on the 18th green with only one putt each!


The traditional English lunch served at the restaurant was as usual excellent, generous and as good as in previous years. It was difficult to stay awake after all this wonderful food, but as the fortunate winner of the Prince Bertil Cup and the Paul Williams Scratch prize, I had to try to stay focused for the price giving. Claes Andreasson won the Berntsson Cup, Paul Williams won closest to the pin competition and Douglas Nurse the longest drive. Finally, I would like to thank all the organisers for the very well organised and enjoyable gentlemen’s meeting at Swinley Forest this year.


See you at Swinley Forest in 2013.


Jan Henrikson

Centenary Meeting in style at St Georges Hill 21 September 2012

RSGS’ Centenary celebrations continued in style on September the 21st with 49 lucky RSGS members and distinguished guests playing the beautiful St George’s Hill Golf Course. 

The members all played a Stableford competition for the Princess Birgitta Trophy and it was indeed a special occasion since we had our patron Princess Birgitta attending the day, both playing the course and joining the festivities afterwards. The ladies also had a new second trophy to play for, in stroke play, The Queen's Cup, a beautiful crystal vase donated by Goteborgs Golf Club. The happy winner was Gunilla Huldt. Runner up Cecilia Block.

Playing conditions were good. Only the last few groups out playing encountered some rain and deteriorating light. I was fortunate to go out early and found it enough hardship to fend with the long heather carries and the fast undulating greens.

The evening festivities commenced with a glass of champagne, followed by a scrumptious dinner. During dinner we were entertained by a variety of speeches held by both members and guests. The traditional prize giving was in two parts. All the honorary guests were given RSGS engraved tumblers, while the winning and runner up golfers were also lavished with beautiful prizes. The winner of the guest prize was Sten Olsson from Gothenburg. Runner up Rod Armstrong from Hadley Wood GC.

It was obviously a very special moment for me to be presented with the Princess Birgitta Trophy – and by the Princess herself! To add to this honour, I was also presented with a beautiful Champagne Ice bucket. This was mine to keep, and it will always remind me of this joyous day! But the special celebrations were not over yet – when we came downstairs after dinner we were greeted by a 18 man brass band playing wonderful dance music for us! 

Once again a big THANK YOU to our committee for all work put in for this occasion! It was a truly great day and evening! Happy Birthday to RSGS! May the next 100 years be equally enjoyable, with many more happy gatherings!
By a very happy winner of the Princess Birgitta Trophy;

Charlotta Lyckéus

Cutting Prize at Castle Royle Golf & Country Club October 2012

Måndagen den 8 oktober spelade vi om Cutting Prize på Castle Royle i Berkshire. Vi  - tio glada golferskor – anlände i absolut hällande regn.  Det såg inte alls lockande ut och entusiasmen var något avslagen. När kaffet var urdrucket och danish pasteries uppätna blev vi faktiskt bönhörda och kunde starta i lite lätt duggregn. Värre än så blev det aldrig så länge som vi var ute - en så’n otrolig tur vi hade! Det var till och med ganska milt och behagligt. Banan var förstås lite våt på sina ställen, men inte värre än förväntat.  

  !8 hål senare var vi inne och började festligheterna med ett glas champagne. Äkta vara – vi firar ju hundra år och då duger bara det bästa! Maten smakade utmärkt och sedan var det dags för prisutdelning.

  Gunnel Forslund var nearest the pin, Eva-Karin Brodd vann the longest drive, Christina Andersson fick tredje pris med 28p, Anita Mortensen fick andra pris med 31p och själv vann jag den vackra vasen med 33p. 

  Tack Cecilia , som organiserade, och tack alla ni andra som kom och gjorde det till en jättetrevlig dag.  

  Helene Öberg




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